"WASTED," Mark Judge's memoir of teen drinking with Brett Kavanaugh, free at the Internet Archive

Yesterday, the Internet Archive published the 1983 edition of Cupola, the yearbook of Georgetown Prep, the elite academy and hive of rape-culture where would-be Supreme Court Justice drank his way through four years of tutelage.

Despite the judge's absurd perjury about his life during those years, we actually have a pretty good look into the routine debauchery and assaults committed by Kavanaugh and his social circle, thanks to the contents of Wasted, the memoir written by Mark Judge, a classmate of Kavanaugh who has been identified as a co-assailant in the attempted rape of Dr Christine Blasey Ford. Unfortunately, it's practically impossible to get a copy.

The Internet Archive has placed a scanned copy of Wasted online so that the American public can better inform itself about the character of the man whom Senate Republicans are prepared to hand a lifetime Supreme Court appointment to.

By the way, here is the yearbook entry for Merrick Garland, whom Senate Republicans refused to consider for a seat on the court during the last months of the Obama presidency.

(Thanks, Mark!)