Urban Dictionary attempts to incorporate Kavanaugh's definition of "Devil's Triangle"

A "Devil's Triangle" is a widely used term for an act of sexual congress between two men and a woman; but during his hearing, Brett Kavanaugh nonsensically insisted that this was some sort of drinking game.

Over at Urban Dictionary, the crowdsourced lexicographers are desperately attempting to integrate the would-be Supreme Court justice's definition into the entry for Devil's Triangle:

From Ted_Cruz_is_the_Zodiac_Killer: A made up game of quarters with three cups arranged in a triangle. The rules are unknown because the inventor of the game, Brett Kavanaugh, could not explain them under oath.

"Hey Renate? Want to play devils triangle with Mark and I?" Brett asked.

From Fancy Rants: A pretend drinking game made up on 9/27/18 by "Honorable" Brett Kavanaugh when faced with credible allegations of sexual assault put forward by no less than four (so far) women. Devils triangle is a threesome with two men and one woman, not a drinking game like Quarters, as Kavanope would like everyone to believe. Devils triangle can also be defined as a lie told under perjury when a belligerent white male feels cornered when confronted with his own disgusting behavior, most likely with the blessing of a patriarchal and mysogynistic system.

"Devils triangle is a game like Quarters, except its nothing like Quarters and its actually code for a sexual threesome. Please believe me I have told myself these lies so many times I am beginning to believe them. Help I'm a scared white male!" –Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Hearings

"Can you believe the Devils Triangle that that guy just offered under oath?! It's obvious he's lying and no sane person would believe this ridiculousness…" –a sane person with common sense, right before a whole bunch of self-serving, corrupt, and close-minded politicians stood by the lie

(Thanks, Gary Greene!)