Kickstarting the Makerphone: an open-source hardware phone kit, programmable with python and Scratch

Circuitmess's fully funded Makerphone kickstarter is raising money to produce open source hardware smartphone kits to teach kids (and grownups) everything from soldering to programming.

The Makerphone is a pretty sweet-looking gadget, and it comes ready to be programmed with Scratch and python, providing a good progression from a fully graphic programming environment to a command-line language that's still beginner-friendly.

$94 gets you a kit and the tools to assemble it; $99 gets you an assembled phone. The project's runners have previously delivered on kickstarted open source hardware kits, which bodes well for getting something for your money.

We’ve learned A LOT from manufacturing and shipping over 6000 MAKERbuino kits in the past year and here’s a short list of most notable changes and improvements that we’ve implemented in MAKERphone:

* A color screen

* Better microcontroller with our custom software

* Python programming language compatibility

* Scratch programming language compatibility

* Dedicated DAC and electronic volume controller for sound regulation and mp3 playback

* 8 individually programmable RGB LEDs for a lightshow in your palms

* Better PCB architecture for easier soldering

* New prettier box with a black touchy cut-out sponge (IMPORTANT!)

* The thing can now make calls, has a SIM card, and built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

* RTC (real time clock) - MAKERphone now keeps time and wakes you up!

Makerphone [Circuitmess/Kickstarter]