SantaCon leads to drunken vandalism

SantaCon, a public gathering of soon-to-be-drunk folks in Santa Claus outfits, generally turns destructive. SF city leaders attempted to regulate it this year. Apparently, that did not help much. Some revelers were real jerks.


Two female suspects vandalized and struck an employee of a San Francisco restaurant after they were repeatedly asked to leave, according to SFPD.

Videos shared to Facebook by a regular of the restaurant show a chaotic scene outside Shalimar, a Indian-Pakistani restaurant at 1490 Polk St. during Saturday's Santa Con, the city's annual pub crawl. In one of them, a female suspect throws napkins at an employee. Another shows a female suspect taking a chair from outside the restaurant and repeatedly smashing the glass door of the restaurant, after being encouraged by rambunctious onlookers.