Former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler is new EPA administrator

The GOP-led U.S. Senate today confirmed ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to run Environmental Protection Agency, in a 52-47 vote mostly along party lines.

Wheeler has been serving as "acting" administrator of Trump's EPA since Scott Pruitt resigned over alleged ethics violations in July, 2018.

On the GOP side, only Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) opposed Wheeler, and voted against him. She described his policies as "not in the best interest of our environment and public health."

Arizona Senator Kristen Sinema did not vote.

Below, tweets from lawmakers who voted "no," and from journalists and environmental advocates around the time Wheeler's confirmation was completed today.

PHOTO: (EPA) Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler addresses staff at EPA headquarters in Washington, U.S., July 11, 2018. REUTERS/Ting Shen