Radicalized is one of The Verge's picks for March!

Well, this is awesome: Andrew Liptak picked my next book, Radicalized as one of The Verge's picks for March! The tour starts Monday!

Cory Doctorow is best known for novels, but his new book is a little different: it's made up of four novellas set in the near future — "Unauthorized Bread," about a woman who goes to great lengths to jailbreak the appliances in her subsidized housing; "Model Minority," in which a superhero tries to tackle police corruption; "Radicalized," about a man who sparks a violent uprising against his insurance company; and "Masque of the Red Death," which ties in with Doctorow's novel Walkaway. Publishers Weekly says that each story's "characters are well wrought and complex, and the worldbuilding is careful."

You can read or listen to an excerpt from "Unauthorized Bread" (the film / TV rights of which have been picked up by Topic Studios).