Gloriously impractical "pressure gauge" watch

For many years, we've celebrated Tokyoflash's glorious and impractical contributions to horology: the company has set itself on a long path to imagine what a watch can be in an era where we all have unbelievably precise, self-setting timepieces in our pockets at all times, playfully experimenting with what a watchface can do while still telling the time (nominally, at least!).

I love their latest watch: the $189 PSI Pressure Gauge Watch features a medium-large-sized bezel with lovely curves, a spare and austere industrial face, and a little mechanical animation that it plays when you ask it for the time, sweeping a single "needle" around the face three times: first for hours and then twice more for minutes.

The watch comes in black or white and a choice of leather or nylon straps.