Snailiens and other delights from Ravendark Creations

Arend Smith — AKA Ravendark Creations — is an Etsy seller who sculpts beautiful monsters in a variety of materials, ranging from the Snailien (3.75" x 4.25" x 7", resin, $150) to the Miskatonic Bookworm (6.5" x 6" x 11"; resin, chicken quills, epoxy, many finishes available, $275) which is also available as a Chrysalis (9.75" x 4.5" x 4.75", custom finishes available, $150); to massive custom piece like this massive apoxie/bronze/iron octopus (6" – 10'!) — or a wonderfully/horribly squishy Silicone Cthulhu Octopus Lovecraft Pet (5" x 2", $50, many finishes available).


Miskatonic Bookworm:

Miskatonic Bookworm Chrysalis:

Custom octopus:

Silicone Cthulhu Octopus Lovecraft Pet:

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