Child with nonverbal autism surprises mom by singing 'Old Town Road'

Sheletta Brundidge, @TwoHauteMamas1 on Twitter, shared an awesome story about her son. And there's video.

Brundidge is the co-host of the Two Haute Mommas podcast. Her child Daniel has non-verbal autism.

Mom tweeted, "We had an #oldtownroad miracle at my house. My son Daniel has #autism and doesn't talk. We caught him humming the @LilNasX and @billyraycyrus tune the other day. Then Bless God, my baby started singing the song on his own. His therapists have started to use it in his sessions!"

Pretty cool.

"At first I thought I was hallucinating," Sheletta told Today Parents. "When I realized it was really happening, I almost started screaming, but loud noises are upsetting to Daniel, so I stayed very calm."


"Daniel went from humming to actually singing the lyrics," Sheletta told TODAY Parents. "I was crying so hard that tears were dropping on his head. I was like, 'This is the beginning. This is the light!' It took him 6 months to learn the letter 'A' using flash cards, but he taught himself a song all by himself."

Sheletta, who co-hosts the Two Haute Mamas podcast, took to Twitter on June 4 to share the incredible footage — where it quickly went viral with more than 1.32 million views. Even Lil Nas X weighed in, writing, "What a king."

Sheletta and her husband, Shawn, immediately called a meeting with their son's therapists. "We were like, 'We're gonna be using music from now on to teach Daniel, and not that 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' stuff," Sheletta told TODAY Parents. Daniel's team agreed and they are now using "Old Town Road" as positive reinforcement.