Star Wars-themed furniture to furnish your Tardis with

Na-nu, na-nu fellow trekkies! The Kenneth Cobonpue Star Wars Collection features Dark Side-themed chairs and end-tables, a wookie "rocking stool" (hot tip: ask for a sample before you get the whole stool!), and the standout, a powder-coated metal light-saber-battle lamp in two sizes.

It's not cheap. The TIE Fighter armchairs are $2700; the Vader Helmet chair is $4320; the Sidious armchair is $2525; the TIE Fighter end-tables are $655; the Chewie Rocking Stools are $1345; and that standout lamp is $1800 (small) or $2800) large.

You can now buy Star Wars furniture, but it'll cost ya [Bonnie Burton/Cnet]

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