"They Live": action figures for our present moment

I've often said that science fiction doesn't tell you much about the future, but it sure tells you a lot about the present: the fact that we're still citing Frankenstein and the Terminator tells you that we're worried about being carried away by our technology, the fact that we're still citing The Matrix tells you that we fear that the world is being secretly run by a conspiracy (and not without cause).

The rise of global trumpism has been accompanied by a resurgence in John Carpenter's 1988 science fiction movie about conspiracies, consumerism and revealed truths "They Live," and just in time to cash in on the zeitgeist, Neca has announced a $70 They Live action-figure set that ships on Halloween 2019, complete with OBEY TV set accessory — to say nothing of "wristwatches that transport them to the alien command center, as well as television, magazine, newspaper and necklace accessories."

NECA They Live: Aliens 8 Inch Retro Action Figure 2 Pack [NECA]

(via Gameraboy)