Bear trashes car after locking self inside [PHOTOS]

"Insurance doesn't usually cover this," said Snowmass, CO police.

When in bear country, ALWAYS lock your vehicle doors. Here are snapshots that show how a Colorado bear totally trashed the inside of this vehicle after accidentally locking itself inside, when foraging for food.

Colorado's Snowmass Village Police Department shared these photos on Facebook Monday, showing how much damage the bear did after finding its way inside an unlocked vehicle.

Colorado's KKTV television reports:

"Have you ever wondered what happens when a bear breaks into a car?"

Police answered that question with the photos at the top and bottom of this article.

"Insurance doesn't usually cover this," police added to their Facebook page.

Snowmass Village is about 160 miles west of Colorado Springs, just west of Aspen.

IMAGES: A bear destroyed the inside of a car in a small Colorado town. Photos via Snowmass Village Police Department.