Where to catch me at Burning Man!

This is my last day at my desk until Labor Day: tomorrow, we're driving to Burning Man to get our annual dirtrave fix! If you're heading to the playa, here's three places and times you can find me:

1. The Liminal Labs Couch Chat, Weds, 12 noon, at Camp Liminal Labs (8:15 and Center Camp). Liminal Labs is my camp (celebrating its 21st year!), and every year, we put on a public lecture. This year, I'm hosting Andrew "bunnie" Huang (previously) the legendary hardware hacker and entrepreneur whom EFF is representing in a lawsuit to overturn part of the DMCA to make it legal to bypass DRM.

Seating is always limited at these things (our living room is big, but it's not that big!) so come by early!

2. Center Camp Speaker Series, Weds, 3PM, at Center Camp Cafe. I'm doing a solo talk on the Center Camp stage again, about Big Tech, competition, and corruption.

3. Palenque Norte at Camp Soft Landings, Fri, 1PM, 8:30 and E. I'll be talking about "Surveillance Capitalism" and our "epistemological crisis," and how we can choose to fix Big Tech, or the internet, but not both.

I hope you have an amazing burn — we always do! This year I'm taking a break from working in the cafe pulling shots in favor of my first-ever Greeter shift, which I'm really looking forward to.

While we're on the subject, there's still time to sign up for the Liminal Labs Assassination Game!