Target sore muscles with this adjustable handheld massager that's over 50% off

Whether it's chronic muscle stiffness or the soreness that comes from an epic workout, there are some pains that can't be soothed by those automatic massage chairs. If you haven't tried a handheld massager, they can be a lifesaver – and the Vortix Muscle Massager aims to be the go-to therapy tool no matter what your aches are.

If it looks like an industrial tool, it's because this thing means business. It comes with a variety of massage tips: Two ball massagers and a cone tip. These allow you to target problem areas with pinpoint pressure or broad waves of relief. And with six speeds, you can pick your intensity. Need a gentle approach for sensitive areas? A firmer attack for deep fatigue? The Vortix comes with six speeds that slowly ramp up the torque and vibration frequency according to your needs.

And it turns out there's an equal dose of relief on the price. The Vortix Muscle Massager is currently on sale for 57% off the retail price at $170.