CELLivilization: Civilization implemented in Microsoft Excel

Sid Meier's Civilization, significantly refined in sequels by Brian Reynolds and others, is a true classic of computer gaming. And now you can play the elaborate historical strategy game as an Excel spreadsheet. Behold CELLivilization, by s0lly.

This is my first game in Excel, with the first iteration (v1.0) created in just around a week for the OLC CODEJAM 2019
The gamejam's theme is destruction, which is apt for this game's v1.0 iteration, given that the only way to win is to destroy the opposing team.

The game is very light on features (basically just build units and attack the opposition), but I will add on additional features - DLC you could call it - if people are keen to see more!

One is torn between two thoughts: (a) Excel has become a sprawling, shambling monster and will expand until everything is in it, and (b) Excel is a surprisingly accessible programming environment in a world where most game development platforms are horribly intimidating to beginners.