Take a 240" screen anywhere with this mini projector that's over 60% off

You already take your games and movies on the go. Why not share them? Thanks to the PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector, you can have that communal, drive-in movie experience anywhere on your own massive screen.

This gadget packs a lot of functionality into a roughly 2" square package. First and foremost, it's got a 200-lumen bulb that's capable of throwing up an image onto nearly any surface – day or night – at 240 inches across. That's in HD, 1080p quality accompanied by sound from built-in hi-fi speakers.

Where those images come from is up to you. It's got wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity that enables it to connect to any Android, iOS, Mac or Windows devices, or you can simply use the interface on the device itself. Stream from Netflix, YouTube or any number of apps from a home screen that's quick and easy to navigate, then sit back enjoy up to 5 hours of showtime on a single charge (or 50 hours if you're using it for audio only).

You can pick up the PIQO and a remote charging unit now for a 64% discount off the MSRP.