Stunning video of a bridge collapse in Taiwan

A truck was traveling across the Nanfang'ao Bridge in Taiwan this morning when the bridge collapsed.

According to Mashable:

A truck can be seen passing over the span as it falls, almost making it to the other side before being dragged down. The tanker caught fire when it landed, according to the New York Times. The driver was injured but survived.

According to reports, five people are still missing after the accident. At least 12 people were injured, including the truck driver, two rescue workers, and several people in fishing boats.

And via The New York Times:

Maintenance consultants responsible for the bridge had in previous years found rusted cables, and several connected points had been hit by vehicles and damaged, according to The Liberty Times.

The consultants had reported the problems several times to the harbor administration, but did not receive a reply, the newspaper reported. The public affairs office of the Su'ao Port branch office of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation declined to comment on the report.