MAGA delirously blames Baltimore bridge collapse on the border… er, Covid … er, WW3 … (video)

The MAGA machine is working overtime in their mad scramble to blame this morning's Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on the libs. But, hilariously — and predictably — they can't get their story straight.

"DEI did this," posted former Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Florida man known for his racist remarks.

Or actually, let's blame the "drug-addled employees" that Covid lockdowns created, says Matt Schlapp on Newmax. (See first video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

But no, wait, it looks like the bridge most likely collapsed because of the "foul play" connected with the "wide open border," said Faux News host Maria Bartiromo. (See second video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

But nope again. It's actually even bigger than that, as in the beginning of the end, according to shameless conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who surmised on X after watching video of the collapse: "Looks deliberate to me. A cyber-attack is probable. WW3 has already started."

And you can bet the far-fetched contradictory blame game will be churning out new accusations, each as preposterous as the next, for as long as this story can ignite the mad MAGA mob.