"DEI did this" Florida MAGA rep blames DEI for bridge collapse. Check out The Wire creator's response

Anthony Sabatini is a strange fellow. The former member of the Florida House of Representatives seems to think DEI caused the Singapore container ship to lose its power before hitting the Key Bridge in Baltimore. He posted a video of the collapse with the comment, "DEI did this."

Twitter Community Notes was quick to correct Mr. Sabatini:

Per Maryland Governor Wes Moore, the cargo ship that struck the bridge had reported losing power and issued a mayday call. The loss of power caused the crash. There is no evidence that DEI caused the cargo ship to lose power, and there is no example of such an event in maritime history.

But the best response came from David Simon, the creator of the hit TV series The Wire, which took place in Baltimore. He said:

Your mother did you, but after a hard life of service on a truck-stop lot, can we really hold her loosened, battered womb responsible for dropping you head-first on the Winnebago floor and burdening our society with another empty, racist demagogue thereafter? We cannot.