Fan-made "rideable" Haunted Mansion poster

Cartoonist Vince "Untold Tales of Bigfoot" Dorse (previously) continues to make astoundingly cool Haunted Mansion fan media: his latest is a "ride through" illustration of the Mansion and its many set-pieces, which imagines a coherent geometry for the ride.

It's an underappreciated fact that the Haunted Mansion is basically a giant black show-building filled with effectively floating rooms that don't join up in any internally consistent fashion (contrast with rides built around the same time, like Pirates of the Caribbean, in which each show room leads in a coherent way to the next, and whose individual set-pieces actually follow an internal logic).

This wasn't by design — rather, it's an artefact of the strange collaboration between background painter Claude Coats and character designer Marc Davis (the subject of an absolutely incredible recent book), which was then overlaid by successive generations of Imagineers, creating a kind of inadvertent, eldritch unworldiness to the space that gives it the character of a dream in which rooms and corridors lead back to themselves or to places that have no business being connected to them.

Dorse's print illustrates just how strange that implied geometry is, and how fascinating it is to imagine it all laid out as a real building.

He's got a limited number of 18" x 24" prints for sale at an unstated price, and asks that prospective buyers DM him for purchase information.

(Thanks, Run Red Run)