Kickstarting a new feminist bicycle science fiction: this one's about dragons!

Elly Blue has kickstarted a series of successful feminist bicycle science fiction anthologies; her latest is Dragon Bike: Fantastical feminist bicycle stories, for which she is seeking $6,000 ($10 gets you an ebook, $13 gets you a printed book, $15 gets you a book and a poster).

Blue's anthologies pay the authors a proportional share of the income from the Kickstarters, and you can top that up by directly tipping the authors through your pledge.

Blue adds: "Bikes in Space volume 6 is all about dragons…featuring heroines oozing with agency, dragons of the friend and foe varieties, and a fun mix of genres, from hard scifi to high fantasy to cyberpunk. This is the best of these yet, and it's a real emotional rollercoaster. Perfect for people who miss the drama of Game of Thrones but not the rapeyness. On a different note, we're asking all our backers to boost the value of their pledge by asking Kickstarter's senior leadership to voluntarily recognize their workers' wish to unionize. You can find more at — if Boing Boing were to write about this I know it would have a real impact."

The stories for this volume are already in hand and they sound great:

* A kid on a generation ship enlists the imagination of her community to save her moms' pizzeria

* With the support of her coven, a talented witch works to redeem an unthinkable crime

* Two elite dragonbike racers meet cute, and the stakes of winning change completely

* Quarantined on a remote moon, a family makes some unusual allies

* As a dragon terrorizes the countryside, a midwife faces an ethical dilemma

* A bike mechanic with a vast hoard yields some treasures to those most in need

* And much more!

Dragon Bike: Fantastical feminist bicycle stories [Elly Blue/Kickstarter]