Play a "The Thing"-like monster in this free demo of Carrion

Carrion is a forthcoming "reverse horror" game from Devolver Digital where you get to play an amorphous monster, slopping around a remote facility eating the screaming, terrified scientists and guards. A free demo came out this weekend and it's great fun.

At heart it's a traditional, lavishly pixelated 2D platformer, but normality ends at the outset. Instead of running about, solving puzzles and shooting enemies, you're a slimy lump of pixels with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Holding down one button sends out meaty feelers to grab surfaces, flop and slide your way toward the pointer, whereas another sends out the eating tentacles and drags in anything they latch onto.

There's about 20 minutes of action in the demo, I've played it through twice for good measure, and will most certainly be buying it when it comes out. Thlupllplplplplpl! *muffled screams* *crunching noises* thluplplplplp!