Extinction Rebellion activists close Geneva private-jet terminal

Activists from the group Extinction Rebellion, which protests climate change, blocked the private jet terminal at Geneva airport on Saturday. The group says they want to draw attention to private jets as an absurd form of transport for the rich that causes massive harm to the environment.

Geneva is a major private jet hub. The world's 0.001% head to Switzerland to enjoy skiing in the Alps, plus privacy-minded banking, auction houses, hospitals and United Nations offices.

From Reuters:

Dozens of activists sat in front of the small terminal building, linking arms in peaceful protest. Police cordoned off the area.

"We have blocked the private-jet terminal to defend the principle of climate and social justice," Extinction Rebellion's Geneva chapter said on Facebook. "This means of transport is completely absurd."

Extinction Rebellion was founded in Britain last year, inspiring waves of disruptive actions around the world to call for rapid cuts in carbon emissions and the repair of collapsing ecosystems.

Climate activists block Geneva airport's private-jet terminal [reuters.com, PHOTO SOURCE: maxpixel.net.]