AK-3DP: 3D printed AK receiver

I've been semi-seriously joking about "AK-3DPs" (3D printed assault rifles) for years, and while the attempts to limit the spread of 3D printed guns have been sloppy and poorly formulated (as have the Trump admin's attempt to roll them back) the state of the art is still progressing.

That said, Ivan the Troll 12's design for a 3D printed AK receiver is not making me lose any sleep, given how many times it has basically shattered cracked up while he was firing it.

Note: Mr The Troll 12 took umbrage at my use of the word "shattered" above, saying "it's failure mode is gradual (fatigue related) and not sudden (improper design)." I have made an edit, above. We regret the error.

This is front receiver v5 mated to rear receiver v10. The rounds counts are as follows:
Front receiver v5: 568 (and counting)
Rear receiver v10: 120 (and counting)

Previous rear receivers failed:
Rear receiver v9: 200 (failure imminent)
Rear receiver v8: 120 (failure)
Rear receiver v7: 128 (failure)

Rear receiver v10 features a fiberglass patch heat welded to the rear of the receiver (just smushed into it with a soldering iron but heat welding sounds cool), as well as a 45 degree print angle (other receivers were upright). I'm hoping these updates will get the rear receiver over 250 rounds. The v11 rear receiver will remove the top rear trunnion pin hole (that's where the cracks were starting for the rear receivers that failed), and reinforce the printed rear trunnion support to take up the slack. v11 will be tested without fiberglass reinforcement as well, just to establish a baseline.

"Plastikov" 3D Printed AK Receiver [Ivanthetroll12/Bitchute]

(Thanks, Emma Goldman!)