How to argue with your racist Facebook uncle this Thanksgiving

The American right — always prone to conspiratorial thinking — has tumbled off the cliff in this century, supercharged by the Trump years, with a series of outlandish conspiracies about Ukrainian election-meddling and climate change that make birtherism and trutherism look positively hinged by comparison.

Know Your Stuffing (subtitle: "What your Republican loved ones will try to feed you this Thanksgiving/What you can bring to the table"), an illustrated guide from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, takes you through a series of common wingnut talking points and clear, factual rebuttals. They're intended as a guide for helping settle Thanksgiving dinner debates.

Whether or not these work as intended (remember that the "backfire effect" is one of the many casualties of the replication crisis), they are a handy guide to some of the weird things right wingers believe and may at least help you decode the boomerish mutterings over cranberry sauce.

Surviving Uncle Mitch's Do-Nothing Stuffing:

1. The House Democratic Majority has passed over 250 bills working for the American people!

2. They're fighting the climate crisis, working to prevent gun violence, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, expanding voting rights, and holding this president accountable.

3. Every bill they pass gets held up by "Grim Reaper" Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senate.

Know Your Stuffing 2019 [DCCC]