The 1994 Denise Richards movie where Paul Walker's brain is inserted into a T-Rex has a new gorier version

Tammy and the T-Rex features Denise Richards (Tammy) and Paul Walker (Michael) as young loverbirds. After Michael is badly wounded by Tammy's ex-boyfriend, a mad scientist seizes his brain and inserts it into a robotic T-Rex.

The movie was filmed with an R rating in mind, but the violence was removed for its initial release. That missing footage has now been reinserted to form the "gore cut." Birth Movies Death explains:

While the body count in the kids' version is (and I suspect I'm recalling correctly here) zero, the "Gore Cut" sees nearly ten minutes of additional footage added to the film, dotting the running time with deaths but mostly contributing two absolutely wonderful added/extended sequences. The best is a sublime bit of surgical slapstick in which Michael's brain is profoundly mishandled on its way to its dinosaur housing, creating a surprising amount of chaos in a surprisingly small operating theatre. The other comes mid-film, as Michael's Rexed-out rage increases and he rampages through a high school kids' party. High schoolers get stomped on, chomped, and killed in more inventive ways I won't spoil, with a surprising quantity of blood spilled and laughter released. It's amazing this material was cut, given how expensive it must have been, but on the other hand, it's amazing the movie was even produced in the first place.

The gore cut will be streaming on Shudder in January.