Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at congressman who got caught tweeting fake photo

Jimmy Kimmel started out last night's monologue by complaining how difficult it is to cancel a subscription to an app on the iPhone. He's right. There should be a menu option accessible from every subscription app that lets you cancel on the spot.

He moves on to talking about Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, a singularly unsavory Trump Chump who recently tweeted a realistic photo of Obama and the president of Iran together, even though the two never met. When he got called out for posting the fraudulent photo without disclosing it was fake, he had a peevish hissy fit about his right to artistic expression.

Here's Kimmel's take on Gosar (transcript courtesy The Daily Beast):

In response to the many reporters and others on Twitter who pointed out the error, Gosar tweeted, "No one said this wasn't Photoshopped. No one said the president of Iran was dead. No one said Obama met with Rouhani in person."

"Well, OK then!" Kimmel shot back "'No one said this wasn't Photoshopped?' Is that the standard now? You can post whatever you want and leave it to us to figure out if it's Photoshopped? Because if that's the case I have a photo of Paul Gosar being spanked by Jared from Subway that I would like a lot of people to see."

Then Kimmel shared another "real photo" of President Donald Trump "happily shaking tiny hands with the guy who ordered the murder of a reporter for the Washington Post." He helpfully added, "That is not Photoshopped."

Image: Tonight Show