Should a convicted felon be on the US $500 bill?

Republican lick-spittle Congressperson Paul Gosar wants to honor adjudicated rapist, convicted felon, and MAGA cult leader Donald Trump.

This is just silly. Gosar is just looking for a way to steal Marge or Boebert's spotlight for a moment. This is some severe kissing of Donald's rear and not much else. I wonder if this will get Gosar some campaign funds from Trump or an appearance or two? He doesn't need it, so the whole thing smacks of strange.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, who was previously censured by the House for posting an anime video on social media of himself stabbing AOC with a knife, has now filed a bill to place convicted felon Donald Trump on a $500 bill.

The $500 bill was issued in 1918 with former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall on it. It was later changed to assassinated President William McKinley's portrait, but then the bill was discontinued in 1969 because it was rarely used by anyone. Gosar wants to revive the bill to honor his favorite convicted felon.

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I am more afraid of hyperinflation. Gosar must anticipate something awful if we need the $500 back in circulation.

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