Pranksters produce enlistment ads featuring Trump Jr: "I'm not enlisting but YOU should"

The Good Liars — the comedy duo of Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig — redecorated a Brooklyn armed forces recruiting center with posters featuring Donald Trump Jr and the slogan, "I'm not enlisting but you should" with the strapline, "There's weak, and then there's Trump weak."

You can download a high-rez version of the poster to print and display here.

The duo told HuffPost on Friday that "in the wake of Trump's latest reckless foreign policy actions that could very easily result in more and more troops being sent to the Middle East, we thought the public deserved a reminder of who the Trumps are."
Mo< "They're a family that have avoided military service on a generational level," they added. "Don Jr. loves to fire at helpless animals and pose for pictures with them, but he'd never go to war although he'd expect others to do it."

Pranksters Unleash Spoof Army Recruitment Signs To Remind People 'Who The Trumps Are' [Lee Moran/Huffpost]

(via Christian Nightmares)