Pigeon with a sombrero appears in Nevada after tragic death of pigeon with cowboy hat

“It is unclear who put the hat on the bird.”

Folks, a pigeon wearing a tiny sombrero has been discovered in Reno, Nevada. May sound funny, and it is, but it's not cool to glue things to living creatures, even if they're a species you don't like.

The images in this post were tweeted by Sabra Newby, the City Manager of Reno, NV.

This follows a pigeon in Las Vegas with a cowboy hat glued to its head that died earlier this week.

From KOLO-TV in Reno:

Washoe County Animal Services said this is the first known instance of something like this in the area. People who see the bird asked to call dispatch at 775-322-3644 because they need to know the exact location to track the bird.

Newby called on others to notify animal control if they see the bird.

"While quirky or fun, it's still inhumane," Newby said in a statement. "The birds suffered when this exact thing happened last year in Las Vegas. One of them recently died. We don't want copycats.

"Reno cares about our animals," Newby added. "They need protection and don't need to become a punchline."

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