Pigeon in a cowboy hat, RIP

A bird rescue group in Las Vegas says one of three hat-wearing pigeons which gained popularity on social media has died.

Lofty Hopes pigeon rescue of Las Vegas tweeted the sad news this past Sunday.

Staff at the animal rescue organization say it's possible that fumes from the glue someone used to stick a hat on Bille the Pidge could have poisoned the little birb.

The three pigeons were discovered last month in Las Vegas, with these miniature red cowboy hats glued on to their heads by who knows what jerk for who knows what nutty reasons.

Why do people do cruel and stupid things to animals?

From the Associated Press:

It wasn't certain if the bird's death was connected to the hat. It is still unknown who put the hats on the birds.

Billie is survived by two other former cowboy pigeons — Cluck Norris and Coolamity Jane.

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