Oops: Some 'Google Photos' videos in 'Google Takeout' backups were exported to strangers last November

If you use Google Photos, and you used the Google Takeout data download/backup service, you may want to pay attention closely to this warning sent by email today from Google to users.

From 9to5google.com:

With Google Takeout, you can download your data from Google apps as a backup or for use with another service. Unfortunately, a brief issue with the tool last November saw your videos in Google Photos possibly get exported to strangers' archives.

Google this evening began alerting Takeout users about the "technical issue." From November 21-25, 2019, those that requested backups could have had videos in Google Photos "incorrectly exported to unrelated users' archives."

In requesting a backup, some of your videos — but not pictures — might be visible to random users that were also downloading their data through Google Takeout. The company did not specify what media was affected beyond "one or more videos in your Google Photos account was affected by this issue."

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Some Google Photos videos in 'Takeout' backups were sent to strangers last November
[Abner Li, 9to5google.com, via techmeme.com]