Amazon item description includes "Shipped from Amazon Warehouse in US, Free from Virus"

My young son has an inordinate fondness of trucks, and while acquiring trucks yesterday I noticed that this Mercedes-Benz 1/20-scale Dump Truck includes the text "Shipped from Amazon Warehouse in US, Free from Virus."

This fascinating statement suggests a consumer fear that seems absurd — that one can contract coronavirus from toy trucks shipped directly from the Chinese factory.

Note that the statement isn't in the actual product description text, but is embedded into a product photograph. This might be a way of evading detection or circumventing Amazon rules on product descriptions. I haven't seen anything else like it on other products or stores, but it's an excellent inception point for irrational consumer behavior.

However, this CNN story says other coronaviruses can live for at least nine days on inanimate surfaces such as plastic. So caveat truckor.

DOUBLE E Remote Control Dump Truck 1/20 Mercedes-Benz Licensed 8 Channel RC Construction Vehicles with Lights and Sounds [coronavirus-free Amazon link]