Neighbor accused of stealing skeleton in window with middle finger raised offensively

'The skeleton has not been located.'

In New Mexico, a woman faces charges of larceny because cops say she stole a neighbor's anatomical skeleton model that she claims was making an offensive gesture with its middle finger, directly towards her residence.

Diana Hogrebe is charged with one count of larceny over the alleged theft of her neighbor's offensive skeleton, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports, based on court documents filed Monday.

From the AP:

Hogrebe of Cuyamungue, New Mexico, told Santa Fe County Sheriff's deputies she was offended by the way the skeleton's hand was posed — with the middle finger pointed up.

Hogrebe told the Santa Fe New Mexican the episode was the culmination of a monthslong feud between her and neighbor Joseph Downs, who she said has hassled her family and other nearby residents.

"I just, you know, had it," Hogrebe said. "It was like the last straw that broke the camel's back, and I don't know what to do."

The gentleman with the skeleton in the window is accused of harassing teen girls in the neighborhood, and sometimes he "sets off a propane cannon, typically used by farmers to scare birds from their fields," Ms. Hogrebe added.

The dude also plays loud music late at night.

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