Tim the Security Guard at the National Cowboy Museum is the wholesome content you need right now

This is Tim. He's the head of security at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. While everyone else is social distancing, Tim stands vigilant, protecting things like John Wayne's boots. So as long as he was there, the museum's social media team asked him to tweet for them.

Thanks, Tim.

Tim does not understand how hashtags work. But gosh darnnit, he tried it.

Or really how the Internet works.

Oh cool there are John Wayne's boots! Thanks, Tim.

I hope he's done his grandson proud.

Tim is also very topical.

Tim never misses an opportunity to joke with his grandkids. Even on Twitter.


Tim figured out how hashtags work! Hooray!

…Now he has to figure out how Selfies work.

Tim is a fast learner.

Tim is also good at Dad Jokes.

Next up: Tim tries to figure out TikTok.

As a security guard for a treasured museum, Tim also gets to hang with celebrities.

The Internet is pretty ugly these days. The world is looking worse. But at least we have Grandpa Tim The Cowboy to keep us safe.