Tim the Security Guard at the National Cowboy Museum is the wholesome content you need right now

This is Tim. He's the head of security at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. While everyone else is social distancing, Tim stands vigilant, protecting things like John Wayne's boots. So as long as he was there, the museum's social media team asked him to tweet for them.

Thanks, Tim.

Tim does not understand how hashtags work. But gosh darnnit, he tried it.

Or really how the Internet works.

Oh cool there are John Wayne's boots! Thanks, Tim.

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A cowboy in New Jersey built a ridable e-horse for himself

“What do you do with an old Texas rodeo cowboy when he marries a Jersey girl, he’s up in Jersey, and he has no place to keep a horse in Cranford? You make a mechanical horse!”

Steve Bacque, aka the Crazy Cranford Cowboy, is that Texan and he did indeed make himself an electric horse. Four golf cart batteries power his not-street-legal e-horse, which he calls "Charger."

According to NJ.com,

Charger can do up to 40 miles per hour (though he has a governor to rein him in to about 15 miles per hour) and can handle up to 600 pounds. Charger even has a wheelie bar in the back, which is “not just for show,” Bacque warns. Yes, this motorized horse can pop a (small) wheelie.

Charger turns left and right with the reins and even brakes when you pull back on them. A key turns him on, and a gas pedal sets him in motion.

Bacque first caught attention in town when he rode up on Charger to his bank's drive-thru window:

When Mindy Weiss Affronti pulled up to the bank drive-thru two weeks ago and saw a man atop a robotic horse at the teller window, she did a double take.

Then she took his picture.

The friendly cowboy smiled, happy to oblige, before riding off. Left in the stupor of what she had seen, Affronti did what any other rational person would do: She posted the photo on social media...

After Affronti shared her photo and a video in a neighborhood Facebook group, there were others.

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This cowboy's motorcycle has a sidecar for his horse

I have never seen anything like this before: A motorcycle-riding cowboy in Idaho has figured out a way to bring his horse along with him... in a sidecar!

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The new "Rodeo Rig" go check out the video the link is in my account in my bio.🤠

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Let's enter up! ✌🏻

A post shared by Casey Perkins (@casey_perkins_rope247) on Jun 10, 2018 at 11:07am PDT

The man who shot the video and captured the photos above, Casey Perkins aka the_van_man__, has his own unusual "Rodeo Rig," an "airy" Plymouth minivan:

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Enter up!

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Margarita the one and only!

A post shared by Casey Perkins (@casey_perkins_rope247) on Apr 19, 2018 at 8:21pm PDT

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An Asian-American gunslinger takes aim in this magical western comic

Growing up as an Asian-American kid in Texas, Greg Pak loved Westerns and fantasy stories. He's bringing both to Kingsway Law, the tale of a Chinese gunslinger in an Old West overrun with magic.