Listen to recording of medics looking for Johnny Depp's fingertip

The Daily Mail ran leaked a March 2015 audio recording' of medics looking for Johnny Depp's severed fingertip. In a 2018 deposition Depp says his wife at the time, Amber Heard, threw a vodka bottle at him and it shattered, cutting off his finger.

From Vanity Fair:

Heard's story, which she told in her own deposition at the time, differs dramatically. She said that the fight was sparked over her former co-star Billy Bob Thornton. While she alleged that Depp hit her with one hand, he was "slamming a hard plastic phone against a wall with his other until it was smashed into smithereens. While he was smashing the phone, Johnny severely injured his finger, cutting off the tip of it." At some point later that night, Depp had written on the walls with a mixture of paint and the bloody finger, "Billy Bob" and "Easy Amber." (Depp reportedly denies all of her account, except for the writing on the wall).

Image: By gdcgraphics, CC BY 2.0, Link