Radiohead to stream concerts for shut-ins

I'm a lifelong fan of Radiohead, and I feel like so much of their music foresaw the emotional tone of the moment we're in now.

"IN LIEU OF EMPTINESS, some entertainments to assist with the passage of time," an email to their fan mailing list began:

Now that you have no choice whether or not you fancy a quiet night in, may we draw your attention to these entertainments?

We hereby present the first of several LIVE SHOWS from the Radiohead Public Library, now coming to Radiohead's YouTube channel.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 10pm UK/2pm PT/5pm ET with Live From a Tent In Dublin – October 2000, we will be releasing one a week until either the restrictions resulting from current situation are eased, or we run out of shows. Which will be first? No-one knows.

Next, Ed's new EOB track Cloak of the Night will be available to stream tomorrow. Featuring vocals from Laura Marling, it is taken from his debut album Earth, released on April 17th. Pre-order the album now here.