'My Isolation Station,' home-built bar and spirits library with 4,000 bottles

Some people take their libations and isolations very seriously.

This photo gallery from IMGURian @burbage is pretty incredible — after two decades of collecting rare spirits, you need a beautiful place to store and display them, and enjoy them.

This is Rugger's Haven, my home bar and #isolation_station. I've been collecting spirits for 20+ years and finally built out a space worthy enough to hold it all about two years ago. Glad I've got it now! Even though I'm lucky enough to be able to still work full time, it's nice to have a safe place to go to in order to wind down.

All together, there are about 40,00 bottles here. I collect pretty much every type of spirit. And I collect to taste and share, not to hoard and resell. The best part is seeing how happy people are to be able to taste things they've never seen or heard of before.

Go check out the entire gallery.

My Isolation Station