If you need to wear a face covering, it may as well be a cool one

Six months ago, you probably never expected that you'd have to be making decisions about the performance and fashionability of a face covering as a major new staple of your casual wardrobe…but here we are.

As things now stand, it seems likely that face coverings as a means of social distancing will remain a part of our everyday lives for a while. So rather than burning through boilerplate N95 masks or that already skunky bandana that keeps falling down, consider investing in a quality reusable covering like this multipurpose neck gaiter, now available in a bunch of different colors and patterns.

Made from a breathable, polyester 4-way stretch fabric, this face covering is crafted to cover your face in a host of different configurations. No matter whether you wear it as a headband, a bandana, a balaclava, a neck warmer, or even around your wrist when not in use, this protection is both versatile and accommodating of CDC suggested guidelines.

These wraps are 100 percent washable, incredibly functional and a perfect way to convey a little of your own personality during this difficult time. With more people preparing to get back out into the world, you can pick a color and style that suits you from bold black and white geometric shapes and flames to more subtle liquid marble or ocean waves to the American flag itself. This Designer Face Covers collection includes nine different styles so you can choose one that best fits your vibe.

We're all in this together — so embrace the new normal with one of those comfortable neck gaiter face coverings. N95 masks run from 75 cents to $1 for each single-use mask, so get yourself a useful, fashionable covering now for just $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.


Reusable Cool Face Cover / Neck Gaiter – $19.99

Be protected for $19.99