Learn how to make your own games with the Unreal Engine for only $40

Game engines aren't just the lifeblood of the video game industry. They may soon be the lifeblood of Hollywood.

Since emerging in the late '90s, the Unreal game engine has quickly become one of the world's foremost tools for game creators. Now, Disney's hit Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian is using Unreal as well.

Artists are generating digitally-created settings and worlds in real-time via Unreal, then projecting those images on giant LED screens in the background of live-action scenes. Saving production crews time, money, and resources, it's a revolutionary advancement that could soon change the way big-budget film and TV shows are made — all because of a game engine. 

You can find out why everyone is using Unreal right now with the training found in The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Learning Unreal Engine for Game Design and Animation.

In this package, users get eight courses exploring every facet of creating with Unreal, from character design and game mechanics to generating a 3D world that can be just as compelling as the game action itself.

First-timers can get up to speed with The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Learning Unreal Engine 4, a comprehensive look at Unreal's tools, commands, and capabilities. After understanding scene setup, importing assets, rendering and more, each additional course delves into more specialized areas offering different accent points to make your game world feel real.

Four of these courses focus in on your game characters, including in-depth explorations of how each of your characters live in a 3D world. From examining how each character moves to their own specific facial expressions, you'll get loads of expert guidance on bringing your characters to life.

The coursework also helps students craft other staples of killer games, from creating the realistic sweeps of different fabrics and garments in Learn How to Do Amazing Cloth Animation in Unreal Engine 4 to painting gorgeous widescreen worlds with Unreal Engine 4: Level Design with Landscapes.

All this knowledge can help coders with little to no coding experience get an Unreal Engine game created and running fast, all for over 90 percent off the regular price at just $40.

Prices are subject to change.

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