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If you found out 10 percent of your income was just being thrown away and wasted, you'd probably be angry. Then, once the anger subsided, you'd take some steps. You'd likely investigate where that money was going and try to make sure those dollars flying out of your pocket for no reason didn't continue.

Well, that's the current reality for most companies. Research done by the famed Project Management Institute shows that 11.4 percent of every dollar invested in projects is effectively thrown away due to bad performance. That means for every million dollar project, $114,000 is squandered.

That should give you a very clear idea of why effective project managers are in such high demand — and why they command some lofty salary figures. You can take steps to break into this big stakes, big reward field with the training in The Accredited Project Management course bundle.

The collection compiled by SPOCE Project Management, one of the longest standing accredited training organizations in the world, brings together training in two of the core methodologies that dominate the world of corporate project management, Agile and PRINCE2.

While one pivots around constant change and adaptation and the other thrives on unwavering fundamentals and routines, the two schools actually compliment each other surprisingly well, offering a clear vision for guarding projects successfully while never losing sight of everyday realities.

The AgilePM Project Fundamentals Qualification Course kicks off the 85 hours of training content, exploring the principles of the Agile method, a short-term, quick-sprint oriented attack plan that allows project teams to hit fast attainable goals while their results get instant analysis, feedback, and adaptation. Students get trained to create project lifecycles, schedule and manage resources, assess risks, and accomplish the key steps in completing any tasks:  communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Next, attention turns to PRINCE2 as the PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation and Practitioner Course looks at the principles that make that system work, a UK-created framework with heavily regimented processes. This close examination presents how PRINCE2 projects should run with case study examples, organizational themes, and other helpful highlights.

Both tracts come together in the PRINCE2 Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner Course, as students learn how both popular approaches can be fused into a cohesive, holistic plan for making sure your projects get done right every time with nothing but satisfied stakeholders.

A nearly $1,500 value, this course collection is available now for hundreds off the regular price, only $99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Accredited Project Management Bundle – $99

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