These Tim Burton "magical movie machines" are flipping delightful

A flipbook company has created some neat art-merch for Tim Burton's Lost Vegas show at Vegas' Neon Museum. The show was, unfortunately, prematurely COVID-cancelled but some neat souvenirs by artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen of Mechanical Flipbook can still be had. They call them "magical movie machines" and there's a real range in price (!):

Procession ($7,500), the most limited piece on offer (only 10 pieces made), stars Burton's hand-drawn Lost Vegas card characters. Carousel ($899), a handcrafted Motorized Flipbook featuring UV reactive ink and showcasing Burton's luminescent carousel creatures, is limited to only 100 machines. Burton's card characters are also available as animated FlipBooKits, a popular hand-cranked machine created by the artists. These special edition FlipBooKits are sold both individually ($49.95) and as a Collector's Edition 5-pack (on sale for $199.95).

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