This app keeps all your online information safe and encrypted and keeps you from forgetting passwords

More than half of you think the best way to manage your passwords is to just keep 'em safely stashed away in your own noggin. Meanwhile, there are also bunches of you that favor saving passwords in your browser, putting them in a spreadsheet or just writing them down on a piece of paper or a sticky note.

These are all sucker bets. And you know it.

Passwords protect all our computers and other devices and, more importantly, the most valuable information about us. Our emails, our social security numbers, our bank access information is all only as secure as the weak system we use to safeguard them. 

And to be clear, anything less than a dedicated app service like the Cyclonis Password Manager is a weak system.

With Cyclonis, you only need to create one master password. With that protection, Cyclonis then automatically creates, encrypts and stores unique, long-tail passwords for every login, site, and other password-protected places you go to on the web. Or have Cyclonis analyze your passwords, and it'll estimate your password strength and offer tips and tricks on how to immediately improve it.

When you need to enter a password, Cyclonis will instantly fill in all the details and you log in to your account with a single click.  It'll even notify you when a website password is old and should be updated. Meanwhile, your Cyclonis protection can sync across all your devices so access is covered from your laptop, smartphone, tablet and anywhere else you try to get into one of your accounts.

All those passwords are stored in your personal Cyclonis vault,  encrypted with the same staunch AES-256 encryption algorithm used by financial institutions, governments, and the military. 

Your data is encrypted directly on your device and your master password is only held by you. Not even Cyclonis staff or servers have access, so everything in your vault is protected from literally everyone except you.

And the vault doesn't only hold passwords. You can also use it to store your payment information, your home Wi-Fi password, even your to-do list and access them anytime.

A lifetime of Cyclonis protection on an unlimited number of devices is regularly $180, but right now, it's on sale for just $29.

Prices are subject to change.

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Cyclonis Password Manager for Unlimited Devices: Lifetime Subscription – $29

Protect yourself for $29