Get a fully refurbished and certified Dell desktop computer at a huge savings

We're a latest and greatest kind of culture. We want the newest, shiniest, fastest piece of tech in existence — and many are willing to pay top dollar for the privilege of saying no one owns one better.

The reality is that life at the tech pinnacle is incredibly fleeting. Within months, sometimes weeks, even the most hyped new technology is inevitably surpassed. But does that make that computer or device or accessory less valuable than when it was the hottest item on store shelves? No. It just means someone created something a tiny bit faster or more powerful or more versatile.

In many cases, old tech gets cast aside when it's still got years of valuable service left in its trusty innards. And if you can land fully certified, refurbished equipment guaranteed to run like new like these Dell Optiplex 7010 desktop PCs, you score premium computing at often hugely cut-rate prices.

Each of these desktop units has been checked through a thorough testing and refurbishing process by a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher to ensure every computer is running as well as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

Powered by the reliable performance of an Intel Quad-Core i5 processor with 16MB of memory, it's more than up to the task of handling everything from everyday web surfing and correspondence to hardcore multitasking using multiple apps at once. In fact, those Intel processors are only a tick behind the abilities of Intel chips currently running industry-leading computers topping the 2020 marketplace.

Just plugin and attach the included monitor and this model fires up right out of the box. With its Windows 10 Home operating system, users have access to all the expected Microsoft features, including Microsoft Office and a full fleet of performance and security apps to keep your system blistering fast and protected.

It also comes with a massive 1TB of storage space, enough room to store up to 500 hours of video, not to mention apps, music, photos, and all those essential documents you need.

This workhorse computer would usually cost over $550, but right now, you can get this fully restored and certified Dell workstation for just $369.99.