Quack 5G protection gadget just a copper tube in a light box

Quackometer checked out a gadget that purports to "protect" users from 5G. It's probably a scam, as 5G is as safe as any other radio transmission and you don't need protection from it. But what's in the box, exactly? Turns out it's a battery-powered light and a copper tube.

Whatever the copper device is doing, it is not electrically connected to the battery. Those wires have a gap and so no voltage is applied. And even more curious, the copper coil is not insulated from the copper tube device. So, it is not clear what function this could have. It looks purely decorative. The markings on the copper device suggest this is no more than a 2 inch long piece of 15mm domestic copper plumbing pipe with some end caps stuck on each side. It does nothing.

I bet they didn't even deburr the copper pipe ends under the endcaps! [via Input Mag]