Using this balance board at my stand-up desk is fun and maybe helping my core

I have been using this balance board to build core strength and awareness.

I used to jump the hell out of my skin when my neighbor hollers over the fence and thru a window to get my attention as I work at my desk, in my home office. Now, when Alan gives a yell, I freak out and fall right down.

That's cause I am standing on a balance board! Soon I will either be hurt badly or learn to steady my reactions enough so as not to fly across the god damn room when startled.

I have the board set to the shortest possible range of travel. There are 3 levels of travel, short is for beginners.

As a regular skateboarder, I was able to balance on the board within a few tries. My daughter, an avid gymnast who trains hours and hours each week, found it slightly more challenging.

The board is a good size for skateboarding and snowboarding. Better surfers than I will eventually want a longer board. I'll never outgrow this one but I might want a ball as opposed to the roller. A ball seems really scary right now, however.

JUST4U Balance Board Trainer with 3 Levels of Adjustable Distance,Professional Wooden Roller Board via Amazon