FunEasyLearn can help you learn your favorite foreign language your way

Learning a new language is like stepping up to the base of Mount Everest. You know you've got one heck of a climb ahead of you. 

But while the sheer magnitude of the task ahead scares away many climbers, the real trick is finding the path up that best fits with your skills and capabilities.

FunEasyLearn thinks they've locked in on some effective methods that can get learners to that language summit of full proficiency in a foreign tongue, no matter how they learn best.

With millions of worldwide teaching success stories already, not to mention a rock solid 4.5 out of 5 star rating from Google Play and Apple App Store users, FunEasy Learn offers a full package of language training in any of 34 different languages. They can train up students in  popular options like Spanish, French, German, Russian or Japanese or with more specialized possibilities like Bulgarian, Turkish or Indonesian.

Whether you're a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a verbal learner, the FunEasyLearn app uses science and game-based methods to build your vocabulary, syntax, and speaking skills naturally. 

Created by a team of certified linguists and acting teachers, the learning experience adjusts to the personal interests, knowledge level, and learning abilities of each user. With massive vocabulary training in over 11,000 different words and phrases, FunEasyLearn combines proven memorization techniques and gamification tools. 

If you learn best by seeing, you'll appreciate the hand-drawn illustrations and GIFs that accompany your words collected into over 300 different topics. If you learn best by hearing, you can listen to their high-quality audio files recorded by native-speaking voice actors. Of if you learn best through speaking, you can improve your pronunciation with FunEasyLearn's advanced speech recognition technology.

Play 30 different vocabulary games to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as you build up through 10 difficulty levels, from complete beginner to language pro.

With their Smart Review Manager to help keep learning fresh, synchronized progress across all devices and even offline lessons, FunEasyLearn says you'll see measured growth in your skills after less than a month of regular sessions.

To learn any one of FunEasyLearn's languages would usually cost $249, but right now, access to all those training tools is just $39. Or you can level up to take on their entire 34-language catalog for only $69.