This training in SEO and social media could make all the difference in your marketing efforts

Running a small business drops a lot on to the plate of just one person. And between juggling a dozen tasks that need to get handled daily, it's no surprise that there are a dozen more equally vital tasks that can just as easily go overlooked.

While posting to social channels and making web posts may not seem like top of the list action items, any entrepreneur who doesn't have a sound and reasoned digital marketing plan is not only shortsighted but may even be dooming their business to failure.

With the training in The SEO and Social Media Ads Certification Bundle, you'll learn all the most important factors in getting your message out and boosting contact with your most receptive audience members via the web.

You'll get six courses offering a 360-degree look at all the most popular methods for reaching customers online covering everything from the most traditional forms of online marketing all the way up to best practices for selling via social media platforms.

The training starts with a focus on how search engine optimization (SEO) works in Introduction to SEO Split Testing and Optimization. This course also digs into the tools used to do split testing, otherwise known as A/B testing, which can quickly help identify which of your SEO solutions are effective and which ones aren't.

Next, the How to Start an Online Store Using WordPress and WooCommerce training lays out a step-by-step guide for getting an attractive, web-friendly digital storefront up and running that leverages the power of WordPress and the popular business-focused WooCommerce plugin.

When cultivating customers, the How to Build Funnels with ClickFunnels course outlines all types of ClickFunnels models that have proven to help build up your customer database and create optimized sales paths that can turn onlookers into interested buyers.

While establishing a social media presence can be time-consuming, the Social Media Automation and Instagram Marketing and Ads Success training can show you how to create premium web content with a minimum time commitment, as well as take advantage of the strengths of Instagram to create attention-grabbing ads and boost engagement on the exploding Instagram platform.

Finally, the Peak Productivity for Anyone training wants to help make all this digital marketing even more doable with solid advice for ramping up productivity, using your time more effectively, eliminating distractions, and focusing your efforts on the most critical aspects of your organization.

Each training course retails for $199, but right now, the entire collection is available for only $29.99

Prices are subject to change.

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The SEO & Social Media Ads Certification Bundle – $29.99

Be a digital marketing whiz for $29.99