Secret Service agent shoots man near White House, here's what we know

A U.S. Secret Service officer shot a man dead near the White House today. Authorities interrupted a briefing by President Trump that was happening at the time and escorted him from the press room.

As TPM's Josh Marshall tweeted, "Hours later and we appear to know almost nothing about what happened. Who the person is, whether they were armed, what actually happened."

On Twitter, the Secret Service wrote that the White House complex wasn't breached and none of those under the service's protection were ever in danger.

A 51-year-old man approached an officer posted near 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW around 5:50 p.m. and said he had a weapon, reports the Washington Post:

He said the man ran aggressively toward the officer and withdrew an object from his clothing.

Sullivan said the man then crouched in a "shooter's stance" as if about to fire. The officer shot him, striking him in the torso, Sullivan said.

The man was not identified. The Secret Service said he and the officer were taken to a hospital.

Sullivan did not take questions from reporters late Monday and did not say whether a weapon had been recovered.

Trump, who spoke about the shooting after he returned to the White House briefing room, said he understood that the person was armed.

Two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation said no weapon was recovered at the scene.

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Secret Service shoots man near the White House